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New Mexico's child care
industry is in

COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on the child care and early education industry, causing about 20% of providers in New Mexico to permanently shut down.


Without more funding, more programs will be forced to close their doors, families will no longer have access to child care and teachers will lose their jobs.

  • On average, only about 50% of children have returned to child care.


  • About 200 programs in New Mexico have closed.


  • Nationally, about 40% of providers stated they'd have to permanently close without more assistance.


  • Within the first two months of the pandemic, about 336,000 child care workers across the nation lost their jobs.


  • NAEYC projected that, nationally, there will be about 23% more closures by the end of December.



Create a 30 second video or written message telling your story about how the pandemic has affected your program.

Post it on social media and tag @NM_CCEA (Instagram) and NMCCEA (Facebook).

Use the hashtag #savenmchildcare.

Email the video or message to

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