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2019 in Review:
A Letter from the President

History has been made.


2019 has been a historic year for the early care and education community.  We are proud to have been instrumental in creating the new Early Care and Education Department. 


NMCCEA and our members were key in putting the needs and the care of our most vulnerable population into the hands of a department focused on their well-being. We are eager to see how the ECECD and the newly assigned Department Secretary, Elizabeth Groginsky, are going to tackle the many challenges we face as a state. Watch for news as we move into the new year:  July 1, 2020 is day one of a new future for New Mexico’s children, families and educators.

2019 also saw NMCCEA’s members effectively advocate for our pre-school aged children. We stood together and our voice was heard. NM legislators voted against legislation that would have threatened the statute that mandates a 50:50 split of NM Pre-K funding between private, ‘community-based’, programs and public education. We have won a significant battle, but the war is not over. 2020 will see continued debate regarding the best place for our preschoolers. We will need all of our early childhood community to continue to come together and be heard. Our voice is stronger, together!

NMCCEA is committed to YOU! Our mission is to serve all of New Mexico’s privately owned and licensed providers.  We know that young children are best served in quality programs designed to develop them cognitively, emotionally and socially while meeting their milestones. We know that it is difficult for our providers to reach and provide 5-star quality care when faced with over-regulation, increased minimum wage and a decreasing workforce.  We will be ready to receive any groups seeking to sow discord regarding wages and benefits in our early childhood communities by making our position unassailable. Those are but a few of the challenges we will face as we move into 2020. We, the only child care trade association in New Mexico with an effective lobbying team, are available and ready for a powerful and productive year.


Proud to Serve NM.

Your President,

          Sondra Carpenter

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